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Retouching Lives with these amazing portrait customization ideas

Have you ever wondered why you have always witnessed paintings of Royals on the museum and palace walls? These are the ancient portraits that have been preserved and are now appreciated as rare pieces of ancient art. Portrait painting is a long-lost tradition of capturing captivating movements. However, they are more time-consuming than camera photographs nowadays; they are still valuable assets. In today's modern age of rapid technological developments, digital look-alike portrait paintings have also come into play. Apart from that, related service providers can be hired to make beautiful handmade portraits. Listed below are some photo customization ideas to help you impressively relive your treasured moments.

Custom Portrait Painting

Custom Portrait Painting is more valued than the regular photographs clicked from a camera. If you wish to have a self-portrait painted to decorate your walls and achieve a sense of dignity and pride, you are in the right place. Here, you will find varieties of portrait options, ranging from self-portraits to family portraits, couple portraits, and so much more. There are customization options available for you to choose from. You can now get your photos transformed into beautiful custom portrait paintings choosing from oil paints to watercolors, charcoal, pencil comment drawings, color pencils sketches, and so much more. And the best thing is that your photos are not at risk of being misused by authorized artists. 

Oil Painting Portraits from Photo

To get a proper perception of how oil painting portraits are better than any other portrait customization options, you need to first understand the basics of paints. Although similar to acrylic in texture, oil paints are quite different from the rest of its family members. Oil paints are known for their ability to be used in different ways. A thick solution is made to achieve deeper shades, whereas the diluted medium creates a variance of light tones. So why are Oil Painting Portraits from Photo the best option to customize your portraits, you ask? Well, oil paints provide the depth of color, allowing the portrait painting to look more realistic and one of its kind. With oil paints being used to create your portrait paintings, more details and layering can be achieved, making the portrait painting look breathtakingly beautiful. Most ancient portrait paintings were made out of oil paints. If preserved well, they can last for ages.

Mixed-Media Portrait Paintings in Oil 

Apart from oil paintings, mixed media portraits from photos is a great cost-efficient option for portrait customization. In simple terms, in portraits, painters use oil paints to create layers and textures, making the portrait look more and more uniquely realistic. Mixed-Media Portrait Paintings in Oil are a great way to give that sophisticated modern touch to your interiors. Owning one will surely make you the talk of the town. Artists sometimes use more than one painting medium to create a breathtaking masterpiece. Once you have your hands on one of these, you will be left wanting more and more of these extraordinary portraits. You can always ask the painters to customize and create a unique mixed-media painting as per your needs and wants, with oil paints being the basic medium.

Custom Portrait Watercolor Painting

Watercolors are known to add that dewy, soft and magical touch to a painting. If you desire to have Custom Portrait Watercolor Painting in your home, you can always hire professional artisans for the job. They are relatively cost-friendly options and a great way to modernize your homes. The artist can easily make detailed portrait paintings using watercolors. If you are not a fan of heavy canvas portraits or vibrant and catchy tones, then watercolor portraits are the right choice for you. It will give your photos a glassy and transparent finish, adding to the aesthetics of the room. Watercolor paintings are soothing to the eyes, accompanied by some calming effects. Your portraits will come alive and appear to be moving with these watercolor paintings.

Charcoal Drawing from Photo

Charcoal is versatile, meaning artists can use it to create amazing portraits and artwork easily. This black gem of an art asset can transform your regular photos into a black and white masterpiece that holds the eyes of the beholder. Professional charcoal artists know how to keep your photo's value intact without compromising the quality of the portrait. Did you know that one of the oldest charcoal paintings was of a zebra, found in the Apollo cave in South Africa? Apart from pencil sketches, Charcoal Drawing from Photo provides a natural 3D effect to your photos. After a rigorous rubbing, lifting, hatching, and blending session, the charcoal masterpieces are created. They will give your surroundings that beautiful contemporary feel that you have always wanted to achieve.

Custom Pencil Photo Sketch

Unlike charcoal portraits that can be a little too deep for some, many prefer pencil sketches. Because, why not? Handmade Custom Pencil Photo Sketch is a great way to show love to someone special. Artists work tirelessly in creating realistic black and white pencil sketches of your photos. Some even provide correction, alteration, and redo services. If you do not like the outcome of the pencil sketch, you can always ask them to change things. A pencil photo sketch is a classic approach to customize your photos. They are usually neat and mess-free, easy to carry, and serve as a spectacular gift surprise. You can ask the artist to give it a dark or light shade; it all depends on you. They are the most time and cost-effective gift options that you can get your hands on.

Custom Colored Pencil Photo Sketch

Are you bored of going black and white all the time? Black clothes, white food, black interiors, everything looks so lifeless and monotonous. Do you want to lighten up your interiors, or are you looking for a cute but personalize gift option? Yes? You can then go ahead with Custom Colored Pencil Photo Sketch. This photo customization option is one of the many creative gift alternatives. The kids will love it and treasure it forever. The artists control the precision, depth, and detail of the colors. You can have the upper hand and let the artist know your wishes. You can choose from light colors to deep shades, giving the sketches a 3D oil paint effect. Pencil photo sketches are tagged with simplicity but with a personal touch.

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Couple Portraits

Having customized couple portraits is an extraordinary way to relive those special moments that you spend with the love of your life. There are handmade and digital Couple Portraits services available that will keep you and your love's treasuring moments evergreen. You can provide the artist with the size of the frame and other alterations to have that perfect portrait adorning your walls and leaving the visitors gaping in awe.

Baby Portraits


You have this precious picture of your newborn when you first saw their smile. Now, that is something that the world needs to see! An easy way to show off your baby's gummy smile or when your baby first started walking is through customized Baby Portraits. These are painted on canvas from the photos that you provide to the artist. They can be the perfect gift you were stressed about to gift your all-grown-up child now. You can even have tiny canvases placed on your work desk to remind you of your duties as a parent. 

Family Portraits

If you have a family and all live under one roof, you should consider yourself the luckiest person in the world. Family is a precious blessing that everyone cherishes. They serve as the backbone to a successful life. Now, you have the chance to show your love towards them by hanging lovely Family Portraits in the hallway. It will not only make you feel like royalty, but you will own a classy reminder of how great of a family you have. It is a super birthday gift for almost all occasions as well.

Christmas Portraits

With the festive season around the corner, you no longer have to fret about a thoughtful Christmas present. You can now gift your loved ones with back-to-back Christmas Portraits to show them your unconditional love. Or even better, you can have an entire wall dedicated to Christmas portraits to keep the festive spirits alive and up all year long.

Compilation Portraits

When capturing moments in a camera, there are times when not everything and everyone is present and perfect. It is a rare case when things are in your favor at that moment. It so happens that you have someone missing in the picture due to various reasons. Worry not! Now you can get your desired customized Compilation Portraits with a pretty background, complete with everyone present on the platform. You can send the photos of the missing individuals with the instructions to merge them into one big compiled portrait.

Pet Portraits

Pets are like family and sometimes even more. It so happens that you are all ready and set to click some amazing adorable pet photos, but your pet is especially annoyed, and there is zero contribution from their side. So, you end up clicking weird and blurred pictures of your pets. And sometimes you don't have them with you anymore. To keep them alive in your memories, you can have their Pet Portraits hung in your frequently used areas around the house to have them in your company forever.

Pop art portraits

Sitting on the pale blue couch of your living room and thinking about life in general, you look around and realize that there is nothing unique or exciting about the place that you live in. And surprisingly, you are a person with a bubbly and vibrant personality. Worry not! You can now spice up your surroundings using pop art portraits. They emerged in the mid 20th century and are still used by many to decorate interiors. The artist twists and transforms common objects such as soup cans to show that art resides in everything. Get your customize pop art portraits and bring some color to your life.

Wedding portraits

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime occasions. Since weddings don't happen every day, it is required to do everything possible to cherish those memorable moments forever. You can get your sparkly wedding moments displayed across your bedroom wall through wedding portraits. Personalized wedding portraits also make great gift options, be it your golden or silver jubilee marriage celebrations. Show your spouse some love by gifting them these customize wedding portraits that are hard to ignore. 

Memorial portraits

When you are going through the overcoming stages of losing a family member or close friend, it can get hard at times. Not everyone is strong enough to live by without fretting over the loss of a loved one. Memorial portraits are a great way to keep you from missing them so much that it's hard to survive. Having your deceased loved one's portraits around the house will indirectly provide you with that emotional support you were looking for. It can be passed on from generation to generation as well if taken proper care of.

Celebrity portraits

Not everyone likes their favorite celebrity because of their physical appearance, material assets, and other such things. Sometimes they are loved because they unknowingly provide you the support and strength that you need to deal with your day-to-day problems. Because they inspired you to be like them, to keep this flow of positive energy coming your way all day long, you can have celebrity portraits of your favorite actors and artists hung up in your practice room or bedroom. Celebrity portraits can serve as unique and thoughtful gift ideas for best friends and siblings. It will be the best gift amongst all others.

Self portraits

Loving yourself is not wrong. Prioritizing yourself before others is not selfish. Self-love is the new black nowadays. Now, you can go ahead and declare to the world about your new obsession, that is, self-love, by getting self portraits. Moreover, you can have multiple customized self-portraits in your bedroom to make your room feel cute and comfortable.

Black & White Portraits

People who are still into retro things do not have to shy away anymore. You can reincarnate that retro self inside of you through these amazing black and white portraits. You can have self-portraits or black and white portraits of your pets or loved ones hunk around the house. If you are thinking of remodeling your workplace interiors, black & white Portraits can serve the professionalism you wanted to teach into your work surroundings. As black is a sophisticated color, it gives off a classy vibe.

Baby portraits

Babies are a miracle from God. They need to be cherished as much as possible. Every moment with them is a blessing to the parents. But when time flies by fast and your baby transforms into a dashing university student, what do you do? Having baby portraits around the house is a great way to keep alive the innocence of your child. Just a glance at those tiny little hands and toes, all detailed in the portrait, will keep all your stress and tiredness at bay.