William Holman Hunt

William Holman Hunt William Holman Hunt (1827-1910) was one of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood's founders. He was an English painter. His paintings were very popular due to their great attention to elaborate symbolism, detailed view, and vivid color. He was very much influenced by the writings of Thomas Carlyle and John Ruskin, which can be seen in his paintings. He believed...
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William Holman Hunt Self Portrait
40cm x 50cm [16" x 20"]50cm X 60cm [20" x 24"]60cm X 90cm [24" x 36"]75cm X 100cm [30" x 40"]90cm X 120cm [36" x 48"]100cm x 140cm [40" x 56"]100cm X 150cm [40" x 60"]120cm x 160cm [48" x 64"]120cm X 180cm [48" x 70"]135cm X 200cm [54" x 79"]205cm x 165cm [81" x 65]228cm x 183cm [90" x 72"]254cmx 203cm [100" x 80"]280cm x 230cm [110" x 90"]