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Titian was a famous Venetian painter; he was also known as an Italian Renaissance artist. In the 16th-century, he was the most important member of the Venetian school.


His life:

Titian was born in Pieve di Cadore, Belluno, but his date of birth is still unknown for many researchers. Based on Ludovico Dolce's Dialogue of Painting, modern scholars predicted his birth date between 1488 and 1490. He was the son of Gregorio Vecellio, a captain of the Venetian militia and a wealthy councilor in that region. 


His Career:

At Sebastiano Zuccato's workshop, he studied mosaic, and later, he was apprenticed to the Gentile Bellini. When his mentor Gentile died, he started working with the important painters in Venice like Giovanni Bellini, his brother. While working at his brother's workplace, he met a previous apprentice of Bellini's Giorgione. 

Here, Titian learned many things from Giorgione regarding the early style of paintings. 


His Early Works:

Titian and Giorgione combined their work on the external decoration of the Fondacodei Tedeschiin 1508. This collaboration was got success, and many people talk about their strong relationship. Even many art historians had debates regarding the relationship between the two masters. Moreover, many art historians do not find any distinguishing factor between their works, or it can be said that it becomes a controversial topic in the present period. Although Giorgione and Titian have different lighting effects and color palettes, the region's influential work can be found in Titian's work for some years.

In 1510, Titian visited Padua for the painting of frescoes in the Scuola of St. Anthony. In Venice, he started his independent career, and he joined the Republic of Venice as the official painter in 1516; after joining here, he propelled his career growth. Even, he was generated higher investment and become the richest artist at that time. He painted the Assumption of the Virgin that was most appreciated for the innovative use of color and its majestic scale. At the same time, he also contributed busts of young women and many half-length paintings such as Woman with a Mirror (c.1515) and Flora (c. 1515).


His Notable and Famous works:

  • Portrait of a Lady: This painting is the portrait of La Schiavona, who is considered an unknown woman. This painting was made between 1510 and 1512.
  • Portrait of Jacopo Sannazzaro: This painting was a notable work by Titian, published between1514 to 1518. Presently, it can be seen at the Royal Collection, UK.
  • Noli me tangere: It was published between the period of 1511 to 1515. These days, it can be found at National Gallery London.
  • La Bella: This portrait can be seen at Palazzo Pitti, Florence, published in 1536.
  • Man with a glove: This portrait was published in 1520. It can be seen at Louvre Museum, Paris.
  • David and Goliath: This painting can be found at S. Maria Della Salute, Venice, which was published between 1542 and 1544.
  • A monk with a book: This painting was contributed by Titian in 1550. Now, it can be seen at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.
  • Pope Paul III and His Grandsons: This painting was made in the period 1546. Presently, it can be found in Museo di Capodimonte, Naples.


Titian died on 27 August 1576 when he was at his 87 to 88 of age. His death place was in Venice, the Republic of Venice. Although Titian is no more, his notable works are still present in many museums. If you are looking for Titian's famous paintings, then you must look for professional services.