Chaim Soutine

Chaim Soutine Childhood Chaim Soutine was born near a town near Minsk, which is Belarus in the present day. Chaim Soutine was the 10th of the 11 children, and his father was a tailor. He grew up under extremely modest means, and it was like a typical Russian-born Jews during that period. They were forced to go through discrimination from...
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Chaim Soutine Self Portrait
50cm X 40cm [20" x 16"]60cm X 50cm [24" x 20"]90cm X 60cm [36" x 24"]100cm X 75cm [40" x 30"]120cm X 90cm [48" x 36"]140cm X 100cm [56" x 40"]150cm X 100cm [60" x 40"]160cm X 120cm [64" x 48"]180cm X 120cm [70" x 48"]200cm X 135cm [79" x 54"]165cm x 205cm [65 " x 81"]183cm x 228cm [72"x 90"]203cm x 254cm [80" x 100"]230cm x 280cm [90" x 110"]

Chaim Soutine Self Portrait

$199.90 – $8,990.00
Get hand-painted museum-quality reproduction of the Chaim Soutine Self Portrait. The Reproduction of self-portrait will be hand-painted by one of our talented artists. Our canvas paintings are 100% hand-painted on...