Canaletto Childhood There are not many biographical details exist about Canaletto. His father was Bernardo Canal, and his mother was Artemisia Barbieri. Both were members of the upper-class Venetian society that included noblemen and original citizens, and Canaletto was proud of his ancestry. Bernardo Canal was a reputed theatrical scene painter, and Canaletto's elder brother also joined his father, but...
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Canaletto Self Portrait
40cm x 50cm [16" x 20"]50cm X 60cm [20" x 24"]60cm X 90cm [24" x 36"]75cm X 100cm [30" x 40"]90cm X 120cm [36" x 48"]100cm x 140cm [40" x 56"]100cm X 150cm [40" x 60"]120cm x 160cm [48" x 64"]120cm X 180cm [48" x 70"]135cm X 200cm [54" x 79"]205cm x 165cm [81" x 65]228cm x 183cm [90" x 72"]254cmx 203cm [100" x 80"]280cm x 230cm [110" x 90"]