Alfred Sisley

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    Alfred Sisley (October 1839 – January 1899) - An Impressionist landscape painter

    Alfred Sisley was an Impressionist landscape painter who was born on 30th October 1839 in Paris, France. He was a French artist who spent most of his life in France and was the most consistent and impressive landscape painter of his time. During his lifetime, he made many paintings that were a success and inspired many artists to follow his footpath. In 1862 Sisley, he started his career as a painter. In Charles Gleyre's studio, he first created a painting. This Impressionist landscape painter was an amateur while stated his painting career. Being from a wealthy family Alfred Sisley was first intended for commerce. 

    Alfred Sisley family background:

    Although Alfred Sisley spends most of his lifetime in France, he still retains to be a British c. Sisley embraces two different cultures as he was born in France in an English family, making him look like an outsider in France. William Sisley's father was a wealthy businessman who owned a silk exportation business, and his mother was a music connoisseur. Belonging to a family of businessmen, Sisley's father wanted Alfred Sisley to study business and be one of them. He was also sent to London at the age of eighteen to study business. But Sisley did not like the business professional as his father, nor did he have any interest in taking his father's business forward. Alfred Sisley's main interest was in ArtArt, so after returning from London, he started a course of study under Charles Gleyre, tutelage of the Swiss artist. At Ecole des Beaux-Arts he started his journey as an artist.

    Alfred Sisley started his relationship with Eugénie Lesouezec, and both sired two children were together from 1834 to 1898. Alfred Sisley's son's name was Pierre, and the daughter's name was Jeanne.  Alfred Sisley used this popular artist to create realistic paintings that were more colorful art pieces that were admired by the public greatly. But at the beginning of his artist career, Alfred Sisley and his artist friends had very few opportunities to represent their painting in public. Their work was rejected at the art exhibition in France. Alfred Sisley used to receive allowances from his family, due to which he was in a better financial position compared to all his artist friends. But during the 1870s, Sisley's father's business failed due to the Franco-Prussian War situation, which begins in the same year. 

    Due to the father's business failure, the Alfred Sisley family faced a poverty situation leading to the cheap selling of his paintings. Some of his best paintings were exhibited at the Salon. Still, after his paintings were exhibited at the popular exhibition, he did not gain much popularity or finance. The family suffered a lot due to financial crises. Only after Sisley's death did the monetary value of Alfred Sisley's paintings became high and popular.  

    Painting career of Alfred Sisley:

     Impressionist landscape painter Alfred Sisley was a great painter who made many amazing paintings. You could still find some of his best paintings all over the globe. Sisley created almost nine hundred oil paintings in his lifetime, almost a hundred pastels, and some drawings. The most famous artworks by Alfred Sisley were Street in Moret and Sand Heaps. The best thing about these two paintings was the notable and tranquillity characteristics. The student's works of Alfred Sisley were frequently exhibited at Marly and Saint-Cloud. These paintings mostly included somber colors like pale blues, green, and dark browns. Sisley's paintings were mainly landscape paintings that included realistic views of the surrounding. 

    This popular French artist was inspired by the style and subject of the popular modern painters. He developed his artwork by getting inspiration from Camille Pissarro and Edouard Manet, the popular modern artist. Alfred Sisley mainly concentrated on Impressionist, a painting that includes atmosphere, skies, and much more. This kind of Impressionist landscape painting was impressive and attracted the views of many people. Many of his popular paintings were stolen from the art exhibitions; some were recovered later in the city. As a part of a massive robbery, Alfred Sisley's paintings were robbed during the Nazi period by Jewish art collectors. 

    When Alfred Sisley's father's silk exportation business failed, the whole family was in a massive financial crisis, after which he decided to dedicate and concentrate on his Art to support his family. Alfred Sisley's life was full of struggles against poverty as his paintings were sold at a low monetary value. That was the time when the Franco-German War started in 1870 and continued till 1871. You must know that shortly after Alfred Sisley's death, his paintings got recognized all over. And due to the rising popularity of his paintings, the monitory value of his paintings also increases to a great extent. Alfred Sisley's artworks were slowly known all over the globe. 

    Some of the most popular paintings that Alfred Sisley made were created from 1872 to 1880. Till that period, Sisley lived and worked in the country west of Paris. Then later, he and his family moved to a small village close to Fontainebleau's forest. This small village was perfect for enhancing his painting skills as the place had gentle landscapes with a constantly changing atmosphere. Alfred Sisley created a second brief voyage to Great Britain in the year 1881 to his ancestral home and had his last voyage after he returned from Britain. He also applied for French citizenship many times, but they refused it. Due to which Alfred Sisley remained a British national until his death. He died a few months after his wife died in 1899 due to throat cancer at a very early age that was fifty-nine. 


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