Famous Women Artists in The History of Art

Famous Women Artists in The History of Art

The Enormous Contribution of Famous Women Artists in The History of Arts!

Art has always been one of the most spontaneous and easiest ways to express human emotions. Art traces a long way back to history and the pre-historic ages. Through time and periods, it has come a long way. Great artists have created masterpieces that have just pumped up the value of inspiration. It has made a great effect on all aspiring and contemporary artists. There are several artists who produce a sense of target demographic that clearly distinguishes the appeal to target a potential audience and just gain the market position.

A List of Female Artists Every Art Lover Should Know About!

There are several reasons why Art is being used as a medium of personal expression. Over time, it is no hidden fact that women were historically discouraged from pursuing a career as fragile and exceptional as arts. However, they managed to excel in the same with their wit and knowledge. There are many great female artists who have been women of distinction and are recognized as strong opponents against their male peers.

Let's have a look at some of the leading female figures in the history of the artistic movement who portrayed a sense of talent, strength and character in their Art. you can check their paintings online inline at canvas art paintings .

  1. Sofonisba Anguissola (1532-1625)

Having been born into a poor and noble family in 1532 in Italy, Sofonisba Anguissola was a trailblazer with an incorporated talent of all-around education and fine Art. She was a part of several apprenticeships with the local painters, and thus managed to create and set up a precedent for all the pursuing female artists. Also, this managed her to catch the eye of an informal mentor who helped her.

  • Abiding by the rule of history, she wasn't allowed to practice models with the study of anatomy.
  • Even with such restrictions, she managed to create a successful career. One of her notable Artworks was, 'Three Children with A Dog.'
  1. Judith Leyster (1609-1660)

Judith Leyster was one of the leading artists of history who emerged during the golden age. She mastered her genre in portraits and still life. Her artistic training taught her to further master detailed Art, which let her be admitted into the painter's guild. It was present in Haarlem. Though she had a very successful career, most of her artworks were pirated after her death. Such errors were discovered later on, and a new appreciation was renewed for her Art skills.

  • Some of her notable artworks were, 'Self-Portrait and The Happy Couple.'
  1. June leaf (1929-present)

This particular female painter was born and brought up in Chicago. She began her career at the IIT Institute of Design at the bare and tender age of 18 and hadn't looked back ever since. June Leaf has managed to get certified with both her bachelor's and master's in Art Education. Her fortes belonged in kinetic sculptures, ink drawings and canvas paintings. She has been greatly known to pull out a sense of abstract and unusual images from the human body.

  • She often describes her work as a work of progress and searches that land her in pursuit of integrity.
  • She focuses less on entitled work and more on the gesture of ease.
  • One of her most notable artworks is 'The Top Maker.'
  1. Frida Kahlo (1907-1954)

Frida Kahlo rose to fame as one of the most famous names of the 20th century. Her artistic abilities were greatly influenced by her own domestic life and angle with her husband, while it was also overshadowed by the tragic accident that she faced. Her portraits radiated a sense of power that couldn't be overlooked. Her painting themes were mostly based on the human body, identity and suffering.

  • She was solely recognized as 'Diego Rivera's Wife,' which summed up her entire Art career.
  • Some of her paintings were also demonstrated in the most famous museums all over the world as a campaign to promote the LGBT community and the sense of feminism.
  • Her notable artwork was 'The Two Fridas.'
  1. Mary Cassat (1844-1926)

Mary Cassat was born on May 22. She spends most of her adult life in the French premises as an integral part of the many Impressionists Group. She faced strong opposition from her family and had to face a struggle in order to pursue her career as an artist. Later on, she began seeking a private apprenticeship, and this gave a kickstart to her career. Despite the struggles and backlashes that Mary Cassat faced, she managed to gather a group of female artists who shared the same genre.  cehck a few Mary Cassat Paintings 

  • She felt a strong need to outcast the influence of male patrons in order to excel and move ahead.
  • She mastered pastel arts, and thus her Art work, 'The Child's Birth,' managed to touch the lives of people.
  • She greatly took a stand for the equality of women and helped them in their voting.
  1. Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899)

This great painter achieved her skills from her father. Her father was a trained artist, and she was majorly known for her large-scale format paintings. Her paintings used to be regularly displayed in the acclaimed Paris salon and thus made it a way to reach out to the potential target audience. Live animals in painted motion on a piece of canvas was her specialty. Rosa Bonheur is also known to break stereotypes when lesbianism is disparaged by the common people and the government.

  • She was a groundbreaking individual who expressed her rebelliousness in terms of her painting and Art.
  • She has a groundbreaking history as far as her life and career are concerned.
  • 'The Horse Fair' was one of her most famous artworks that not only won awards but also had the ability to capture the likeness of common people.

The history of Art has always been associated with the names of Pablo Picasso  Gustav Klimt and Van Gogh. Our history comprises both men and women artists who have added to the focus of sculpture as a medium. However, as history speaks, there are several women artists who have managed to remain anonymous and contribute to the world of paint and Art.